How did we "ever" as a society function a few decades back? Tired of going to restaurants, dog has a "vest" that says service animal, yet it's barking, sitting on the owners lap, being fed food from the plate........

Tired of going to a movie, the dog just doesn't shut-up.....tell the teenaged pimply kid about the problem, there is nothing they can do.........

Go to the grocery store, dog following owner around.....sniffing fruits and veggies....or riding in the shopping car...but it has a "service vest" on and "don't you dare question" that person on what the dog is for.

Flew in from the east coast last month. Several dogs on the flight that BARKED, and BARKED and BARKED. Flying is hard enough already for everyone....and now this. A crying baby can't help what they do.......but a real service animal would be in a harness, would be at attention, would be ready do do its job.

Remember the "seeing eye dogs"? I sure do. These dogs were professional, were real service animals and served a need.

Today? Every friggin' dog seems to be some "service animal / PTSD reliever / therapy companion / wakes-me-up-if-I-stop-breathing" type of dog that is a "glorified pet" and with a smug owner who wants to take their dog everywhere with them.

It's not cool. It really doesn't help the people and service dog that IS doing a real job and behaves as such.

No, lil "mitzie pooh" with a vest or collar on that says service animal that pees on a floor, barks non-stop is not doing a job.
It's a pet.

Also, people with legitimate service animals.......please carry your paperwork with you. Some of us don't understand your challenge or don't have to tell us that disability.....but out of protection for you, carry your service animals paperwork with you in case there is an emergency to the animal or you. That's not too much to ask! Don't get offended when a person asks!

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