No, I don't see a lot of service dogs, trained or otherwise, though I heard second-hand of someone taking an out-of-control "service" dog into the local grocery store.

I live in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, and would rather chew tin foil than fly anywhere. I work from home as an editor and web developer, and only work occasionally in training dogs for others. I don't get out much, except for obedience and rally trials, where there is a great deal of social pressure on being aware of your dog and how he's behaving.

But really, it doesn't matter to me if someone totes a random pet dog into a restaurant, as long as they don't bother anyone. Taking them on a plane is a matter of economics, I understand. Service dogs fly free and pets need an expensive ticket. That's quite an incentive to lie. And even some legitimate service dogs are not good fliers and become distressed and air-sick.

I think money could be made by an airline that offered pet-friendly flights separate from regular passenger flights.

I don't even understand why well-behaved dogs are excluded from restaurants in the first place. My only concerns with bringing a dog of mine into a restaurant would be whether the floor is clean and whether I can sit where he won't be in anyone's path. I take him along to some local restaurants with dog-friendly patio seating.

More recently, though, I've adopted a laissez-faire attitude about people having "fake" service dogs. It feels futile to get exercised about something that far out of my control. If I have a chance to chat with a manager, I might point out the ADA resources available to him or her.

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