Hi Debbie V,

I was with you until you dismissed the usefulness of diabetes alert dogs.

If you are a diabetic who can sense when your sugar is dropping, then I'd say don't bother getting a DAD. They take a lot of training to maintain and your family may quickly un-train it for you.

On the other hand, if for a variety of reasons, you can no longer sense when your sugar is dropping, then a dog can be very useful, provided you keep up with the training.

In addition, a dog that is trained (very well trained) to monitor an infant can give the parents just a little peace of mind and the chance to sleep, instead of setting the alarm to go check glucose levels every two hours. A dog that my mentor trained to help a young girl who had been hospitalized multiple times in a period of months was able to alert the parents and prevent further hospitalizations for (I believe) the next year.

As someone who has trained a dog to detect the scent of low blood glucose, the hardest part is training the handler to do the necessary things to maintain the dog's training and public access manners.

But yeah, emotional support dogs don't belong in restaurants.

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