Yeah, we really need more government regulation with conflicting standards and a backlog of testing and certification. If you install or appoint a central agency, what about the dogs that are legitimately owner-trained?

A dog-trainer friend is working with a group of veterans (men and women) from the Vietnam era forward whose PTSD and assistance dogs have changed their lives in significant ways--and the fact that one of the dogs is a miniature poodle makes it no less legitimate a service dog, since it does perform specific functions and actions for her person, in particular, fetching things the vet can't reach.

I often think that, rather than being upset about whether a dog is a service dog or just a pet, we should allow dogs to go anywhere (except kitchens and operating rooms) as long as they're well-behaved. Even a service dog can be turned away if it is out of control or proves to be not housebroken.

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