In the USA we have a law called the Americans for Disability Act of ADA. This law covers a huge range of issues to protect and provide friendly environments to our disabled population. But I just want to bring up one single item here.

People with disabilities can get either a license plate that reflects that or a blue tag to hang on their windshield. This allows the individual to park in a metered space for free and for the whole day.

Now to get a blue disability tag to hang on the windshield only requires a doctor's note. So as a result if one walk around San Francisco City Hall for example one will see hundreds of vehicles parked in metered space all day for free with those little disability tags. 95% of these vehicles do not involve wheelchairs, walkers or canes. Most people who access these vehicles seem rather "able".

So here is a blatant abuse of a law that is meant to help our
real disabled and deserving population that ends up being free parking for those gaming the system.

That's usually what happens with the majority of regulations meant to help a constituency. For every 1 person that really needs the assistance, several others game and abuse the system to benefit from it.

The abuse of the system is the part that is rarely talked about or really understood. Most laws are very poorly drafted and generally drafted by people who have no clue about the real impact of that law.

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