Nobody labels me because I don't like desserts. Most people like the sweet stuff, it just gives me nausea. So I'm not like most people, if I got labelled as different it would lead to rejection. Luckily, people don't care much for what I eat and they will not reject me for not liking cake. As a kid, I would just find lots of people to exchange food with. As an adult, not so much, but no one cares.

However, people have a fixation on sex. How old you should be when you start. Who you have it with. Did you have it with too many people? You never had it? What an idiot! You had it with just one person? How do you know it's good? Opposite sex only? How boring, don't you have a sense of adventure? Same sex? There's a man in the sky that will punish you.

The more people I talk to, the more I realize that these labels are screwed.

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