My earliest memory was when I was three or four years old. I was sitting on my mother's lap on the living room sofa. It was during the day. I was facing her. I asked, "Do you love me?" She replied, "Yes, I love you so much" and hugged me tight. All of her affect showed that she meant what she said. Then, almost like with tongue in cheek, I began to ask her how much does she love me by comparing her love of me to other things that she may love. Although I don't remember all of the things that I used as comparison, I guess it would have been of things that I had knowledge. So, for example, it may have been something like --- "Do you love me more than you love ice cream?" I asked three times and used three different objects. To each question, she enthusiastically confirmed that she loved me way more than any of those objects. Finally, I asked (and I remember this one vividly), "Do you love me more than you love God?" I was raised in a Christian home and God was extremely important to me and my family. I don't remember her exact words but she basically let me know that she loves me so much but that no one should ever love anyone else and any thing more than they love God. That resonated with me and I was satisfied with that answer and didn't ask anymore "Do you love me?" or "Do you love me more than____?" questions. I want to point out that my initial question of "Do you love me" was a serious question; the series of "Do you love me more than____?" questions were more playful, tongue in cheek and I was kind of testing my mother and looking for what kind of reaction I would get from her. So, that was my earliest memory.

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