My earliest memory has been confirmed to me by my mother as occurring when I was about 8 months old. I have fairly complete and complex memories of my life from that time forward. However, I began speaking individual words between 2-3 months, and full sentences by 10 months. My mother also discovered I could read at 2.5 years old, and assumed I had learned by watching Sesame Street, which I adored. My extremely early memories run the gamut in subject and content, and are fairly complete. I can even remember dreams I had, and recount conversations I had with family members from the age of about 12 months onward. I have no idea why any of this is so. As I was born in a very small town in the late 70's, no one really found any of this to be too remarkable. I always thought everyone was that way until I was older, and kids at school said it was weird. By the way, I am not on the autism spectrum, and I do not have any mental or physical illness aside from autoimmune problems and MS, with which I was diagnosed at age 30.
I have always wondered if perhaps my ability to remember things from such an early age correlated with my early mastery of speaking and reading. I would assume so, but I haven't been able to find much research on the subject. Thanks to all for sharing their experiences. I do find this subject fascinating!

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