Thank you so much for sharing your experience with very early childhood memories. Some people do have memories of stimuli or experiences that occurred before the age of 3. Memories from 18 months are not common, although they have been reported. It isn't always clear that the memory is for the actual experience or from a slightly later time when memory of the experience was rehearsed, encountered again, or learned from other people's recounting of an event. Your account of remembering the pattern on your baby pillow and marks on the ceiling suggests that you might have found such stimuli to be especially interesting. It is also possible, though, that emotional or important events happened in the presence of these stimuli, making them memorable.

Whether your attention to detail and hyper focus explains these types of early memories is not clear. Research on early childhood memories among individuals with Asperger's is sparse, but there are accounts that are consistent with your idea that your greater attention to detail than to, e.g., social interactions might explain the number or type of early memories you have. Consistent with your observation that your mother could have been frightening at times, one study suggested that autobiographical memories reported by people with Asperger's were more likely to include fear or anxiety.
So, although the research is not yet conclusive, your insights are valuable and it would be very interesting to learn if others share your possession of very early memories.

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