I have a life, massive, and it is one without resentments and regrets. Your podcast with Tom Catton of The Mindful Addict, a good book, btw, covers just what I posted yet I don't "know" you and am harrassing you. I disagree. What I know of you is what you have chosen to disclose and LINK us to in many blogs.

I am sorry that you've spent the weekend upset and miserable over the time you put into AA. But if you are sincere about what you have said on your radio show, numerous blogs, etc., you left for years, even decades. I just don't see how choosing to belong to fellowships for problems you didn't have should be blamed on NA or AA yet you always chose to go back. Those organizations didn't move you into Tom's grouphouse, something you disclosed on the podcast. It also doesn't have the nairyfairy feel of Tom's story where squatting on someone else's property would be tolerated or that he would be told by God that he find his soulmate on the beach that day. If someone in AA did that, you'd be asking to interview the lady. At least, he laughingly says...he waited for you to put your top back on... before he spoke to you. These were you rown public disclosures. Perhaps you should practice more discretion if it bothers you that people could know it.

No, harassment isn't it, Massive. Pointing out hypocrisy....yeah, I am guilty as charged.

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