AA must have a pamphlet to guide rebuttals to anyone who disagrees with AA dogma.

Step 1. Express sorrow for the person's "bad experience".
Step 2. Express surprise, "That never happens in my meetings!"
Step 3. Reference at least one agnostic or atheist.

I'll stop there and remind you how the chapter "We Agnostics" ends,

"What is this but a miracle of healing? Yet its elements are simple. Circumstances made him willing to believe. He humbly offered himself to his Maker--then he knew.

Even so has God restored us all to our right minds. To this man, the revelation was sudden. Some of us grow into it more slowly. But He has come to all who have honestly sought Him.

When we drew near to Him He disclosed Himself to us!"
(AA, 4th Ed, page 57)

This is how the address to agnostics ends. It's religious, not spiritual, and that would be fine if AA would just admit it. Federal circuit courts are finding AA religious, so change is coming.

AA is not like a "gym", it's like a school; and technically fits many criteria of a cult.

Thank you for the Step 4: Express hope that the non-AA person finds the help they need.

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