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Treatment against radiation:

In Japan, the survivors of the nuclear bombing, and the casualties of the Chernobyl disaster consumed 30 quail eggs daily.
It is also recommended for physicians and nuclear research scientists exposed to radiation.

It helps reverse radiation from individuals in less time than other medicinal treatments. The result is the recovery of normal appetite, the discontinuance of fatigue and chest pain, the decrease of complaints of vertigo and the cessation of nose bleeds.
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Directions for use:
1-2 eggs for toddlers1-3 years,
3 eggs for children 3-10 years,
4 eggs for children 10-18 years,
5-6 eggs for adults 18-50 years,
4-5 eggs above 50 years.
Consume raw eggs half an hour before the main meal with water or fruit juice. Consume regularly without interruption for 3 to 4 months.
After two weeks of consumption it begins to exert its beneficial effects on the body. Alternatively, eggs may be boiled and consumed with raw porridge, mashed potatoes, greens or soup. You may also make an omelette, but never forget that vitamins are completely destroyed after a 15-minute heat-treatment. For this really delicate operation the French invented hot soup with red wine.
Natural cosmetics
The compound Tyrosine that provides and maintains the healthy colour of the quail egg, is used as the component of expensive creams and shampoos in the European perfume industry. Using this natural cosmetic makes the skin look younger and the hair shinier.
Treatment by eggshell
In ancient medicine, eggshell and garnet were used combined with several therapeutic compounds.

Quail Eggshell provides an ideal source of calcium that is easily digestible.
Calcium deficiency especially attacks the bones and affects metabolism: malformed teeth in children, scoliosis, defective teeth (cavities, damage of the enamel), brittle bones, and osteoporosis in the elderly. Disordered calcium metabolism is regularly accompanied by anaemia, rhinitis and allergy susceptibility, herpes sores on lips, reduced resistance against infection.
An optimal calcium metabolism rarely causes digestive troubles.

Medical research has revealed that quail eggshell, contains 90% of calcium carbonate (chalk) which is easily digestible.
It contains many elements necessary for the body: copper, fluoride, iron, manganese, molybdenum, phosphorus, sulphur, zinc, silicone, etc. – 27 of them!
Its content of silicilic molybdenum is of key importance – the presence of this element is scarce, therefore, it is definitely required in the daily food for well-being and for normal blood flow to perform biochemical actions.
Beneficial effects of eggshell on bones and joints are remarkable. Eggshell has exceptional benefits for the development of young children, as calcium plays an important role. Packaging of baby foods nowadays don't indicate the ingredient of quail egg shell, it is rather displayed as garnet. It is effective in preventing rickets and pernicious anaemia.
Eggshell consumers were found to have alleviated orthopaedic diseases: congenital hip disorder and osteoporosis healed faster.
Beneficial results in children and adults include improved quality of nails and healthy hair. It also provides relief from: bleeding gums, irritability, insomnia, and asthma.