I am in a LDR with a woman in Europe, I am in the US.

We have a very rich relationship, even though we've never met.
We have exchanged about 2000 letters, shared artwork, music, recordings of our voices, pictures and have sent each other personal items.

We know the intimate details of one another's lives and are very much in love.

We plan to meet in a year.

I think the reason we have the relationship we do is because we have both lived full lives. She is 48 and I am 57. We've both been married for many years, had children and lived the day to day experiences that young have not.

In short, we know what we wanted and learned to know a good person from a bad prospect. But most of all, we've learned to recognize and admit what we really want from a relationship.

Yes, we've never touched, but we have a strong relationship built on a solid foundation of life experiences.