Nice write up, I know a young mom who is mixed
to the point where she accidentally passes for white
in the winter etc. Her baby's father is white so as
you might imagine at something less than 1/8th
african genes it's undetectable. She named her
Ruby. I don't think I have ever run across a Caucasian with that name and wondered at the
time if Gail was assigning a 'reminder' to her
daughter of her ancestry?
Traditional names are fine and good, but in usa
we have the freedom to go our own way as far as
religion. I best friend has the Muslim name Nazeer
he has chosen to join a Christian church but as he
points out, he could be detained at the airport just
for his name. We also saw the nonsense of the past
president with his name and people _insisting_
that he _MUST_ be Muslim right?
I don't know where I stand on this but it seems that
the trend has been 'anything as long as it ends in a'
is a "black name", latrinka tonisha, who knows what's next.
Peace and Love