First, thanks for your comment! It proves someone actually read the blog.

Google is a big place with thousands of employees all over the world. I am sure some of them sometimes act like jerks, because just about everyone does, sometimes. I also know some very kind engineers & computer scientists who work there. I for sure don’t know most of them, let alone a representative sample. I don’t even think any of the engineers at Google know most of the engineers at Google. So why generalize?

I know, some decisions (the redo of Gmail for example) annoyed many customers (including me). However, most Google employees had nothing to do with it. Also, I think about how Google has made my life easier and more efficient. I would be lost without Google Navigation, and my life would be tougher without Google Search, Google Scholar, Google Voice, and Gmail. So if Google makes a change that annoys me (e.g., the redo of the Gmail interface) I can choose to meditate and focus on being grateful for all the good they have done, while trying to forgive the things I wish were better. All these steps work with individual people who disappoint us as well. In fact, that is the point. : )

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