Dr. Pagoto's article suggests the connectivity of each of us to those in our environment and how our influence is reciprocal.
She mentions meditation as a viable way to reduce the likelihood of stress and its ramifications that might result from interaction with others or that we might induce in others.

Through more than forty decades of teaching the Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique in New York City where stressed people live, travel, work, dine and are entertained in close proximity regularly, I have found the technique to be highly successful in reducing stress and stress related behavior and disease. more than 360 peer reviewed published studies have shown the benefits of the TM program to mental and physical health, especially in the area of stress reduction and reduction of heart disease. (see www.tmforwomenshearthealth.org)

The most effective way to not stress out your family and friends?--eliminate it in yourself! Stress management is a relic of the past--elimination of stress is far desirable.