This is being unfair to women, and I am no mangina. Both women and men have evolved in certain ways. Women want the dominant male, whether he is physically, socially, or financially dominant. We men want the hot and young lady. The "wisdom of nature" has implanted this in us, so that the species propagate, women will want the mate that they can survive with, and will produce the best offspring, and men want the most fertile woman who will produce the best offspring.

This does raise the question about what ethical system should we have given our biology. This is why I am not as fond of Judeo-Christian morality. The focus is on the "fallenness" of man and nature, and the need to correct these injustices of nature. A person will look at both man's desire for a beautiful woman, and a woman's desire for the dominant male, and reflect on how the less attractive women and the less dominant male have a harsher life, and say, "it is just not fair, reality should not be like that", and have this obsession to change. I like the ancient Greek idea of arete. The world is harsh, but if I am strong, formidable, brave, skillful, creative, and intelligent, then I can win at life.