Feminism has converted the republic into an impoverished backward barbarous polygamous totalitarian feminist police state - and you're for even more of it?!

I am not giving even theoretical assent to the hideous dream that [left-wing writer] W. L. George has of that future day when the feminist programme is to be finally achieved. In his forecast, he pictures, as The Times graphically expressed it editorially, 'the total destruction of wifehood and the home, of the transformation of man, created in the image of his Maker, to the domestic status of the new tomcat, of the dominance in a new society of the unmarried mother' -- in short, universal polygamy. A generation ago this sort of doctrine was anathematized as 'free love.' Today it is being popularized as 'feminism.'
- William T. Sedgwick (1914 - as quoted by the New York Times)

If the essence of science is about making predictions, that's a pretty darn good one by any measure. It fairly well matches up with the dystopian state of things in Slutopia. For the first time in history we have both candidates for president coming from families with polygamists not very far back up the family tree. Get it yet? (As well as why the Mormon might be the better manager?) Anyway, where's that cycle you talk about gonna be a century from now?

The title of the NYT article is "Noted Biologist Riddles the Pretension of Supporters of the New Doctrine of Women and say if the Movement Succeeds it will Throw the World Back a Thousand of Years".

You've just got your forwards and backwards reversed, that's all. Now you know.

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