Personally, I had a difficult time with getting rid of stuff, not because I wanted to hold onto it, but because I wanted to get rid of it all. Even there, though, it's easy to become attached to the getting rid of stuff--it's as dangerous as trying to hoard it.

I like the "surfing the urge"'s similar to other phrases I've heard with meditation, such as riding the wave or breath. As a yoga and meditation teacher, I understand the battle to let go of my mind's impulses.

Battle, though, is a poor choice of words. Much of the fight has to do with releasing your attention back to the breath or object of meditation, rather than forcing it there.

I notice I want to keep my collection of Troll dolls, and I let go of that urge and return to my breath. Over time, though, those urges weaken, and it becomes easier to avoid being drawn in many directions by the mind.

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