In response to the mass murder in Aurora, CO and why the news is so fast to throw bullshit out there for the public to consume.
Occam's razor states”… the simplest explanation is usually the most correct…” Usually doesn’t mean always.
The law of parsimony doesn’t apply to what James Holmes did yet the press thinks everything can be summed up in a simple, easy to explain headline. The problem for the public is that the infotainment people’s problem is not one of reporting the facts, (they simply report non-information as news or simply lie) it’s how to increase their sales and readership which has nothing to do with informing and warning the public.
What they really mean to do is to inflame every educated man, woman and child by the sadistic manipulation based from that economy of thought thus the uniformed or ignorant attack those charged with the responsibility to protect them from the very thing the “news” claims to be doing.
When you attempt to correct those news persons in error thy never take it as an attempt to be genuine and fix a fallacy purported by them; instead they go one the attack to present why they should be believed instead of the facts of a situation or a knowledgably professional in the field.
It’s time the so-called press and “news? Anchors stop the bullshit and let the professionals talk (unedited) and let the facts be told.
Here is one BIG fact NO ONE is reporting…
The city government in Aurora is to blame for why so many were killed by this fool.
Colorado has a Concealed Handgun Law and persons trained professional to carry yet, that cities government officials declared that area as a “GUN FREE ZONE” making the law-abiding CHL person unable to carry and defend him/herself and others.
THIS IS WHY AND NO OTHER REASON for the death of so many.
A nut job will do anything to meet their objectives. Why the hell are government officials helping them do this?
It’s time to start asking questions before this happens again.

Dennis Howard Chevalier for
Chevalier and Associates CSIR© 2012

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