Dear Moushka, Your story is a model of how to turn away from bad eating habits and if people ate as you do, they certainly would be healthier. And I am glad you are going to start an exercise program as it will certainly help prevent muscle loss, and on a positive side, improve your energy , balance and cardiovascular health.
I am concerned with your lumping together junk carbohydrates that of course are filled with fat ( icecream, cookies, cake, candy) and healthy carbohydrates like brown rice, quninoa , buckwheat , oatmeal, etc. Your brain really needs to make serotonin sooner or later and the only way your brain is going to get the tryptophan it needs to make the serotonin is for you to eat an insulin stimulating carbohydrate such as a small bowl of plain steamed rice. Serotonin, in addition to being a mood regulator, also is the neurotransmitter responsible for turning off appetite ( this is how the newly approved weight loss medication works). As you continue on your diet, ask yourself whether the 'hunger' you feel is from not having enough food in your stomach or a sense of not feeling satisfied despite having had enough to eat. If the later , please write back and I can suggest a short eating program ( 2-3 days) to increase serotonin levels . We developed this plan for the Serotonin Power Diet for people who were following a low carbohydrate diet and were on medications like antidepressants that made them gain weight.

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