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Sex at Dawn

"I Hate Fags!" = "I Hate Myself (Cause I'm afraid I'm gay.)"

Loud gay bashing suggests you're probably gay.

Posted Mar 07, 2010

Ok, maybe not ALL the time, but it sure seems like many of the most prominent voices making stridently judgmental declarations about the evils of homosexuality soon turn up in a wide stance in a bathroom stall somewhere. Yet another one bit the dust this week. Did I write "another one?" I meant to write "a whole slew of hypocrites" were exposed this week.

We've long passed the point where I'd have thought the connection between bold public condemnation of other people's (adult, consenting) sexual behavior and the speaker's own twisted secrets would be so direct and obvious that such people would be driven to silence for fear of exposing themselves (so to speak). When will we finally cross that line? At what point will shame and/or common decency shut these people up?

Update: Over at The Daily Dish, conservative commenter Andrew Sullivan had some eloquent words on this issue today:

At an emotional and spiritual and psychological level, the sheer crippling pain this denial of gay humanity has caused to so many for so long is incalculable. If there is anything un-Christian, the imposition of this cruelty and the perpetuation of this pain is un-Christian - and the damage still continues its path of destruction in families, societies, institutions and human psyches.

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