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Seven Simple Steps for Stress Management

Find out natural remedies to live stress free.

Posted May 07, 2014

It seems like everyone is stressed out these days. We’re all worried about job security and overwork, money issues, climate change, poor health, or all of the above.  Most of us do things to alleviate stress that give us a quick fix with out removing or at least relieving the cause.  A cocktail or two, sweets, caffeine, comfort (usually unhealthy) food may make you feel good in the moment, but it doesn’t last.  Usually, you feel worse a few hours later and just want more. Thus, creating a vicious cycle of highs and lows.

Stress not only drains you emotionally, it can lead to many health concerns, including

high blood pressure, low energy, allergies, poor digestion, food cravings, increased risk of heart disease, weight gain, insomnia, poor memory, PMS, and weakened immunity.

I'm all about keeping it simple.  Why add a list of unrealistic goals to reduce stress just to cause more of it? I do my best to suggest practical tools for my patients and readers that they can commit to and actually enjoy. Here are few tips for reducing stress. 

* Drink more water. Consuming enough water every day is key. Coffee, soda, caffeinated drinks and alcohol don't count.  They all dehydrate you.  Dehydration affects your mood and causes sugar cravings.

* Eat your fruits and veggies. Getting all your vital nutrients help with brain function and hormone balancing. 

* Take a B complex.  B vitamins support the adrenal glands and brain chemistry, which are in charge of regulating stress and calming the mind.

*Exercise regularly.  It releases endorphins to elevate your mood.

*Relax daily for at least 15 minutes. Try meditation, yoga, taking a bath, getting out in nature, and/or prayer. 

* Simplify your life.  Let go of habits, people, and things that do nothing but make your life more difficult.

*Avoid sugar and caffeine. They both cause energy and emotional spikes then a big crash. That initial buzz wears off and you end up feeling worse.   

See how easy reducing your stress is? Start with one new lifestyle change every week (or month if that thought overwhelms you).  Either take out one habit or add one in.  Eventually, you won’t know how to live any differently.

Live natural.  Live well. 


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Heather Lounsbury, L.Ac.

Heather Lounsbury, L.Ac., is an acupuncturist, holistic healthcare provider and the author of Fix Your Mood With Food.

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