How We Can Fight Bias

The idea of implicit bias assumes that people may regard groups negatively without any awareness that they are doing so. Paying attention to bias—keeping negative, prejudicial, or accidental biases in check—requires a delicate balance between self-protection and empathy for others.
"Day 123 - Discrimination" by Laszlo Gyarmati is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

What Have We Learned About Implicit Bias?

By Art Markman Ph.D.

Implicit bias has been much in the news. A new paper explores it in detail.

The Language of the Unheard

By Joe Pierre M.D.

Denouncing symptoms of disease without treating the root cause is bad medicine.

We All Do It, and All the Time

By The Learning and Implicit Processes Lab

But what does it actually mean to say that we are biased implicitly?
Internal Affairs

Training Law Enforcement Against Bias

By Dwyer Gunn

Many law enforcement agencies have embraced training to address implicit bias.