Matheus Bertelli Pexels

The Power of Cute

There's a reason why you scroll through endless memes of puppies and kittens—or anything adorable for that matter. Not only does cuteness boost well-being but it can also improve your work performance.
Jen Golbeckl

How to Feel Better

By Jennifer Golbeck Ph.D.

We all need a well-being boost. Pictures of cute things can help.

The Study of Kawaii

By Tania Luna

And how to make it work for you.
Anton_Ivanov /

Why We Love Baby Yoda

By Katherine K.M. Stavropoulos Ph.D.

Neuroscience and behavioral data can help explain the baby Yoda craze.
Loki: 6 Weeks. Photo by Nancy Darling

Puppies 101

By Nancy Darling Ph.D.

What doggies can teach us about psychology.