Chasing Happiness

Many people spend their whole lives trying new products or habits that promise to make them happier. The true key to greater well-being may not be looking outside yourself but rather looking within—specifically, to your personality.  
Happy woman. asife/Shutterstock

Personality and Happiness

By Luke D Smillie Ph.D.

Personality is a major driver of well-being—here's what we can learn from this.
Cheerful man. G-Stock Studio/Shutterstock

Changing Your Personality Traits

By Benjamin Hardy Ph.D.

What if you could become less neurotic and more conscientious and open?

Behaving More Extraverted

By Guest Blogger

Acting outgoing—even if you lean toward introversion—could have some benefit.
Kristen Fuller

Choosing Joy

By Kristen Fuller, M.D.

The science of cultivating happiness.