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Do You Lie to Your Therapist?

Honesty should provide a path to healing, but many people lie to their therapists. In fact, a very high percentage of therapy patients tell at least one lie to their therapist. The number one lie: Minimizing how they feel. Read this and other posts about therapy.

Therapy Can Help

By Jelena Kecmanovic Ph.D.

Even for those who did not benefit before.

Who's Keeping Secrets?

By Barry A. Farber Ph.D.

Psychotherapy clients lie—and so do their therapists.
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Lying on the Couch

By Bella DePaulo Ph.D.

Here are the lies clients most often tell to their therapists.
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Untruths to Avoid in Therapy

By Jean Kim M.D.

It's natural to hide things from your therapist, but to what end?