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How to Deal With Toxic People

We all try to avoid the ire and fire of a difficult person, but sometimes crossing paths with one is inevitable at work and in our personal lives. Of course, the vitriolic political climate makes matters much much worse. Herein, the art of managing the unruly.
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The Toxic Relationship

By John Kim LMFT

Abuse isn't the only thing that can make love unhealthy.
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The Harmful Childhood

By Peg Streep

How to tell if you're actually making progress (and getting healthier).

Spotting the Poisonous

By George S. Everly, Jr. PhD, ABPP, FACLP

Narcissists promise you everything in relationships, but fail to deliver.
How to Handle the Most Toxic People in Your Life

Surviving Difficult Relationships

By Katherine Schreiber

They spew negativity and they think you're the problem.