Women + Math = Success

Of course, girls are good at math. In fact, several women have won Nobel prizes in many areas of science. Clearly, a woman can match a man’s brainpower, yet they are still wildly underrepresented in STEM. We can change that.
Wellcome Collection (Creative Commons).

Why We Need New Scientific Heroes

By Patricia Fara Ph.D.

Is it time to forget about Marie Curie?

Are Boys Better at Math and Science?

By Vanessa LoBue Ph.D.

Clearing the path for women in STEM.
The Truth About Gender Stereotypes

The Truth About Gender Stereotypes

By Leonard Sax M.D., Ph.D.

Is gender a mere tool of the patriarchy? Or is it hardwired prior to birth?
Bias in Science

Bias in Science

By Lee Jussim Ph.D.

How to think about the challenges faced by women in STEM.