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Your Creative Sweet Spot

Inventiveness comes in many forms, and it’s possible to give the process a big boost. Plus, you do not have to suffer madness to create beautiful art and science. Here's to unleashing the genius in you.
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Creativity Runs on Passion

By Zorana Ivcevic Pringle Ph.D.

How the joy and stress of passion fuels creativity and innovation.
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How Improvisation Changes the Brain

By Clay Drinko, Ph.D.

Research sheds lights on optimal communication and creativity.
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The Mystique of the Unconscious

By Albert Rothenberg, M.D.

The Unconscious as described by Freud and Jung is not responsible for creativity
The Mad Genius Mystery

The Mystery of Genius

By Kaja Perina

Alexander Grothendieck was among the greatest mathematicians of the 20th century—until he withdrew from the world.