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Gimme a Hug

Touch may well be the secret weapon in any relationship. From romantic partners to pets, physical contact can give you a big boost. Even babies who have skin-to-skin contact are less stressed, sleep better, and enjoy higher levels of well-being. Read about the science behind a simple embrace.
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The Neuroscience of an Embrace

By Sebastian Ocklenburg, Ph.D.

Science is only beginning to understand how and why we hug.

Seeking Affection

By Elizabeth Dorrance Hall Ph.D.

Feeling lonely this holiday season? These tips might help.
Your Relationship Bill of Rights

Your Relationship Bill of Rights

By Rebecca Matthes

There are some fundamental measures of respect that each of us is entitled to.

The Value of Touch

By Bruce Grierson

What basketball can teach us about the unexpected benefits of getting "handsy."