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Poker Face

Reading a face, with its panoply of fleeting expressions, is a science unto itself. People who can suss out the thoughts and intentions of others have a leg up in life. Herein, we delve into reading faces, appearances, and nonverbals, plus more.

How to Read Minds

By Marcia Reynolds Psy.D.

6 steps to develop the sensory awareness to read beyond words and expressions.
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Can You Nonverbally Decode?

By Daniel R. Stalder Ph.D.

Try to listen and talk to people, too.
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Men, Power and Nonverbal Cues

By Audrey Nelson Ph.D.

Men symbolize their authority through nonverbal cues.
All Over Your Face

All Over Your Face

By Matthew Hutson

Advanced facial-recognition technology can deduce aspects of our personality as well as our identity. Will this new fact of life change the way we act?