Home Sweet Home

Where you live and work can influence many areas in life—your livelihood, your relationships, even your health. This person-place bonding is about place attachment, it’s an affectionate union between you and your digs. Read about important places and spaces that shape you.
What Your Space Says About You

What Your Space Says About You

By Sara Eckel

Possessions are tied to identity in ways we may not appreciate until we try to purge them from our lives.
Right Where You Belong

Right Where You Belong

By Melody Warnick

The more rooted we are in our communities, the better we feel.

A Map of Geographical Psychology

By Lawrence T. White Ph.D.

Particular traits cluster in particular locales. Psychologists want to know why.

4 Ways American Culture Is Influencing Happiness

By Tchiki Davis, Ph.D.

To better understand happiness in America, let's look at the bigger picture.