Feel Like a Fraud?

Chronic self-doubt is a hallmark of impostor syndrome, and a telltale sign is the disconnect between perceived and actual performance. Intellectually, romantically, or otherwise, anyone can feel like they do not belong. Sometimes, to fix this, the place to start is being true to oneself.
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Are You a Fake?

By Peg Streep

The "imposter phenomenon" and its link to childhood experiences.
Kynan Tait/Flickr, Creative Commons

In the Face of Success

By Robert T Muller Ph.D.

Like many others, you too may have experienced "imposter syndrome."
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Afflictions of the Accomplished

By Jeffrey Davis M.A.

Remedies for the fear of being "found out."
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Combatting Impostor Syndrome

By Audrey Ervin Ph.D.

How to reclaim confidence.