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Are Moods Contagious?

Whether you're feeling joyful or down, your moods are socially contagious and can spread right through a household. On the flip side, the moods of others can infect you as well. Of course, some people are more prone to mood influencers than others. Where do you fall?
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The Neuroscience of Contagious Laughter

By Christopher Bergland

Contagious laughter reinforces social bonds via targeted endorphin release.

The Dangerous Pleasures of Outrage

By Terri Apter Ph.D.

New interest in this emotion ignores its pleasures—and its greatest dangers.
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Generation Lonely

By Suzanne Degges-White Ph.D.

Understanding loneliness in a culture that values product over process.

Why Social Media Makes Us Angrier

By Sophia Moskalenko Ph.D.

How Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram shape (and radicalize) our opinions.