Quiet, Like Me

Do happiness and extraversion go hand in hand? Not necessarily. The introverted are just as joyful, sometimes even more so. They just don't crave the noisy loudness of being OUT there. Plus, read about high anxiety, introverts at work, and the reasons to celebrate the quiet in you.
The Quiet at Work

The Quiet at Work

By Jean Kim M.D.

Introverts are often unsung heroes at work, but they can win over the rest.

More Introverted With Age?

By Jenn Granneman

It happens to everyone (even extroverts), and it turns out to be a good thing.
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Introverted and Compatible

By Sophia Dembling

Some questions to ask when factoring introversion into the equation.

12 Reasons to Celebrate

By Jenn Granneman

Being high in introversion should make you feel proud, not ashamed.