Thanks for the Memories

Would you be who you are without your memories? Whether it’s memory in the short term, memory in the long term, or patchy recall altogether, let’s unpack the science of the hard drive in your head. Essays by Alan Castel, Ph.D.
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Why We Stop Noticing the World

By Alan Castel Ph.D.

We often don't notice things unless we focus and are present.

Getting Lost and Finding Yourself

By Alan Castel Ph.D.

Sometimes being lost can be good for you and for your brain.
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Can Reading Prevent Dementia?

By Alan Castel Ph.D.

New research suggests that reading makes us sharper and also socially aware.

Focused Distractions

By Alan Castel Ph.D.

Distractions can be damaging, but when multi-tasking we also learn how to focus.