You Need a Break

It’s summer! A time for family and friends, not to mention a time for your much deserved break. Kick back and recharge before you stress yourself to the point of exhaustion. Here’s how to prevent a complete meltdown and keep yourself going—sanely.
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The Power of Spontaneous Gratitude

By Grant Hilary Brenner MD, FAPA

New research looks at the effect of naturally occurring gratitude on health.

Coping in a Nutty World

By Steven Schlozman M.D.

With all of the awfulness, we forget straightforward ways to feel better.
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A Little-Known Cause of Burnout

By Caroline Beaton

Why boredom and burnout are correlated.
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The Dark Side of Self-Control

By David Ludden Ph.D.

You need more than willpower to succeed in life.