Top Posts: July 2018

See the best of July, read essays on chronic stress and healthcare access, luxurious lifestyles, how good philosophers are out of touch, and more.

Sex Gives Meaning to Life

By David Ludden Ph.D.

The Lifeblood of Economies

By Nigel Barber Ph.D.

A Map of Geographical Psychology

By Lawrence T. White Ph.D.

The Schadenfreude of Mao Tse-tung

By Richard Smith Ph.D.

Are Good Philosophers Out of Touch?

By Cody Kommers

Alternatives to Diagnosing Mental Illness?

By David B. Feldman Ph.D.

Health Care Around the World

By Benjamin Radcliff Ph.D.

Dog Smarts

By Marc Bekoff Ph.D.

The One Thing Happy Couples Do

By Wendy L. Patrick, Ph.D.

A Test of Wills

By Joachim I Krueger Ph.D.

Examining Therapies Using Psychedelics

By Eugene Rubin M.D., Ph.D.

How Puppies Learn

By Stanley Coren PhD., DSc, FRSC

The Overlooked Type D Personality

By Susan Krauss Whitbourne Ph.D.

Facts About Minority Opinion vs. Majority Rule

By Rob Henderson

Are Selfies Motivated by Narcissism?

By Gwendolyn Seidman Ph.D.

Science and Philosophy and the Suffering of Grief

By Paul Thagard Ph.D.

Can Yoga Help Parkinson's Disease?

By Marlynn Wei M.D., J.D.

Living With a Know-It-All

By Mark Leary Ph.D.

Misconceptions About Anxiety

By Noam Shpancer Ph.D.

Finding the Missing Pieces in a Woman's Life

By Hara Estroff Marano