The Long Happy Life

We hold onto youth for as long as possible, and we think of middle age as a negative not a positive. But, here's the disconnect: We all want to live a long happy life. Really, though, you are as young as you feel. Here's how to get to old age without the aches and pains.

What’s So Bad About Midlife?

By Susan Krauss Whitbourne Ph.D.

Once again, new research challenges popular views about midlife.

How Old Do You Feel?

By Becky Ready Ph.D., ABPP

Subjective age may be more meaningful than biological age

Putting the Sex in Sexagenarian

By Lawrence R. Samuel Ph.D.

Dispelling the myth that baby boomers’ best sexual days are behind them.
Sandra Butler

Mothering the Middle-aged Daughter

By Sandra Butler

Older mothers with more time yet less contact with daughters

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