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How to Live Simply

More and more, your living space and possessions say a lot about you, your identity, and your personality. With physical objects taking a back seat to the digitized era, there’s a bigger push toward minimalism. Yet, will chucking all your belongings and shunning family heirlooms work for you?
What Your Space Says About You

What Your Space Says About You

By Sara Eckel

Possessions are tied to identity in ways we may not appreciate until we try to purge them from our lives.
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How to Curb Impulse Buying

By Utpal Dholakia Ph.D.

How reflecting on our possessions provides a way of mentally "shopping the closet" and quells the desire to buy.
Jamie Littlefield

Places Over Possessions

By Jamie Littlefield

Research shows visiting a place you love can increase calm, joy, and connection.
Clair Brown

Having Less to Benefit All

By Clair Brown, Ph.D.

Why greedy grasping for status is not the way to live a meaningful happy life.