When to Praise

Every child appreciates praise from family and friends. It's no surprise that acknowledgment can motivate a kid to try harder, and do even better. Yet can praise work against us? Do you praise a child generously, or not so much? Here's what science has to say about when and how much you praise.
High Marks For Fair Praise

High Marks For Fair Praise

By Kirsi Goldynia

A pat on the head may be most effective when it's well earned.
Atikh Bana

The Worst Advice

By Emma M. Seppälä Ph.D.

Do this instead, and they'll be happier and more successful.
Pixabay / jennifertn / CC0

Praising May Encourage Cheating

By David Ludden Ph.D.

Distinguishing between ability praise and performance praise.
Baim Hanif/Unsplash

Raising a Successful Child

By Gil Noam Ed.D., Dr. Habil

In a hyper-competitive age