The Perfect Vacation

How to get the biggest mental benefit from your spring break. Plus: Why vacations are important, how they boost productivity, and how you can hang on to those feelings of freedom.

Why Travel Is Good for Your Mental Health

By Jean Kim M.D.

Taking a trip is a great way to rejuvenate your mind.
Three Science-Based Reasons Vacations Boost Productivity

Three Reasons Vacations Boost Productivity

By Emma M. Seppälä Ph.D.

They're not a waste of time—they'll bolster your creativity and engagement.
Jenny Adams, Buddha Drinks Fanta, used with permission

The Secret to Remembering Your Vacation Better

By Andrea Bartz

New research shows us how to make that trip stick.

Can Your Relationship Survive Your Next Holiday?

By Susan Krauss Whitbourne Ph.D.

Vacations have happiness curves that can impact your relationship satisfaction