Are You Superstitious?

Knock on wood, it's Friday the 13th. Here's the science behind a little magical thinking, ghosts, and haunted places.
"Hidden Forces and Essences" Psychology as Magic

Psychology as Magic

By Lee Jussim Ph.D.

We once believed in magic. Now we believe in psychology. Is there a difference?
The Winchester Mystery House and Other Haunted Places

Haunted Houses and Other Scary Places

By Frank T. McAndrew Ph.D.

Why do some places feel as if they were intentionally designed to creep us out?
Why Some People See Ghosts and Other Presences

Why Some People See Ghosts

By Frank T. McAndrew Ph.D.

There are potential explanations (even if some people won't believe them).
Magical Thinking

Magical Thinking

By Matthew Hutson

Why a little magic is good for you