N. Pelusi

Prodigal Sons and Daughters

Do gifted children grow up to be well-adjusted adults, as well as highly accomplished? Cover Image: N. Pelusi
Shooting Stars

Shooting Stars

By Gary Drevitch

What happens when parents lose their influence over prodigies?
'redheaded child mesmerized' by Steevven1 CC by 2.5

The Forgotten Rural Gifted Child

By Jonathan Wai Ph.D.

This is the classic "brain drain" problem.
MaxPixels, CC0

Ten Tips for Parents of a Smart Child

By Marty Nemko Ph.D.

What can parents do to help raise a gifted kid?
'Little girl' by Dave Buchwald/Wikimedia Commons

What a Century of Research Reveals About Gifted Kids

By Jonathan Wai Ph.D.

This is what we've learned from 100 years of longitudinal research on the gifted.