Bye Bye Friend

Did your friend just ghost you? She doesn’t call back, mysteriously de-friended you on social media, and just about poof disappeared. The science of ghosting. Cover Image: Wgbieber/Pixabay
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Ever Been "Stashed" By an Ex?

By Suzanne Degges-White Ph.D.

New terminology for heartache doesn't make it hurt any less.

The Dangers of Ghosting

By Anna Akbari Ph.D.

Relationships, just like everything else worth having, are hard work.
Tom/Ghost Stories/ Flickr Creative Commons

The Strange Psychology of Ghosting

By Jen Kim

When the going gets tough, it's become almost acceptable to just disappear.

6 Ways to Deal With the Pain of Being Ditched

By F. Diane Barth L.C.S.W.

What can you do when a promising relationship suddenly ends?