Your Fantasyland

Wild inventions inside your head are healthy, as long as you stay firmly rooted to the ground. Cover Image: FCSCafeineShutterstock
Nina Lishcuck

Does the Unconscious Really Exist?

By David B. Feldman Ph.D.

Some psychologists think the unconscious mind is pure fiction.
Mind-Wandering on a Leash

Mind-Wandering on a Leash

By Hal McDonald Ph.D.

Creative thinking is a neural balancing act between freedom and restraint.
The Dangerous “Reveries” of HBO's Westworld Series

The Dangerous “Reveries” of Westworld

By Amy Fries

Are we giving away humankind's most precious trait? Our ability to imagine.

Distraction Is Not Mind Wandering

By Alex Pang Ph.D.

We often confuse distraction with mind-wandering. This is a mistake.