Not a Cheap Thrill

Some people enjoy novelty, sensation-seeking, and trying new things. It’s a good thing—up to a point. Cover Image: SkeezePixabay
Dangerous Things Kids Do

Dangerous Things Kids Do

By Katherine Ramsland Ph.D.

Kids take risks to have fun and get high, and some are life-threatening.
Threesomes Are Interesting, But It Depends

Threesomes? Not for Everyone

By Ritch C Savin-Williams Ph.D.

Young adults aren't highly motivated to have threesome sexual encounters.
The Ordinary Courage of Being Our Selves

Ordinary Courage

By Samantha Smithstein Psy.D.

Shame can keep us from deeper fulfillment, freedom, and true intimacy.
What Is a “Good” Decision?

What Is a “Good” Decision?

By Utpal Dholakia

We often confuse the decision-making process with its outcomes, but shouldn't.