What Pushes Your Buttons?

Sometimes, life rubs you the wrong way. Read about not taking life for granted, quit thinking positively, life lessons, and more. Cover Image: KHeinz/Pixabay

Thanks for the Small Stuff

By Gina Barreca Ph.D.

Take nothing for granted: Your life will be more fun and far more interesting.
Flag of Christopher Moody/Wikipedia Commons Public Domain

Don’t Confuse Revenge With Justice

By Leon F Seltzer Ph.D.

Revenge can masquerade as justice, but it frequently ends up perverting it.
Alex Korb

Thinking Positively Doesn't Always Work

By Alex Korb Ph.D.

The secret to accomplishing the impossible.
16 Life Lessons

16 Life Lessons

By PT Staff

Wisdom for living a satisfying life—from the need for spontaneity to guarding against regret.