Seeking Refuge

There are 65 million refugees worldwide who are running from persecution and death. But poverty and anxiety or only some of the traumas the displaced have to suffer. Cover Image: OneInchPunch/Shutterstock

5 Myths About Refugees

By Kenneth E. Miller Ph.D.

Research suggests surprising new ways to understand and support refugees.
Wikimedia Commons

The Refugee Who Founded Social Psychology

By Travis Langley Ph.D.

What if the U.S. sent him back to Nazi Germany?
From Daring To Dispossessed

From Daring To Dispossessed

By Shadi Martini, Jennifer Bleyer

A Syrian who fled is homeland to the US is on a mission to help others left behind.
Courtesy Omar S Ghobash

The Modern Muslim

By Lybi Ma

A Q&A with author Omar Saif Ghobash

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